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Unique Social Experience in Europe

Posted on July 3, 2013 | No Comments

With soil that is not a commodity, but become a right for those who want to cultivate or live, a home for 15 euros per month, sports or cultural or nearly free (municipal pool 3 euros for the season ), a sense of community well-being, I think I can say that Marinaleda is a unique experience in Europe. Every Saturday Moreover, the mayor also answered questions from the villagers present-es at the town hall on the local TV channel. This reminds us of the program “AlĂ´ President” Hugo Chavez, another leader Gordillo which expressed admiration.


Turn off the TV, turn on your brain, this first wall hit me, until it is opposite the local TV … A question in connection with misinformation, Juan Miguel Sanchez Gordillo me expressed his plan to write a book on “Los prensatenientes” – the half-dozen who have transnational media in the world. “While the left writing pamphlets that nobody reads, economic right, the big bourgeoisie, installs at home full of TV channels telling the same values and the same spreading false propaganda. In terms of information, education is very important, “and with regard to the national program of education, it does not suit him. Jean Manuel Sanchez Gordillo then tells me he has coming soon to Switzerland to study our education system is organized at the cantonal level … Probably he thinks that we are a true democracy with independent school programs.

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