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The General Assembly Vinci Nightmare for the CEO

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Shareholders Vinci met on April 16. But the peaceful ritual that sees companies celebrate its achievements and the salary of its leaders was heckled by arrests of Notre Dame des Landes and the exploitation of migrant workers by the multinational.

Vinci opened opened Tuesday, April 16 the “ceremony” of AG. These general meetings of shareholders where, says a boss CAC40:. “There is only 1% of the capital present, but we must give them their money It’s theater!”

There talking about big horn? Tuesday morning, at the Carrousel du Louvre, Vinci has indeed provided quite a show. The day before, Xavier Huillard, CEO, laying the first stone of the future stadium in Bordeaux, watched as an actor on the day of the general, his body, his throat, neatly packaged in a blue cashmere scarf by 25 degrees in the shade! “I need my vote tomorrow for the AG.” More than he imagined …

CGT procession of rigor at the entrance, with its banners, flyers and stand sandwiches. Nothing out of the ordinary. The GA starts quietly. The film presentation of the group is certainly not in 3D, but we take full view. Play of lights and loud music. Speech of the CEO and the CFO. All is well: Vinci confirms its objectives for 2013.

Then the second successive roles on stage, in a dignified American film. It’s beautiful. The auditors welcome the accomplishment, administrators weave their laurels. Henri Saint Olive Audit Committee for the timeliness of financial statements. Jean-Bernard Lévy of the Compensation Committee for the check of € 1.9 million granted to the CEO. And Yves-Thibault de Silguy, Vice-Chairman, the exceptional level of governance of the group.

Good news this year, it will not be pinned on his second cap in Vinci luxury consultant through his company YSTeuropaconsultants, he hit 200,000 euros in 2012. But it is two times less than in 2011, shareholders enjoy.

What follows is the ultimate prerequisite: the question and answer session. Microphones circulate in the room. After some traditional interventions on the nature of the gift which each is entitled to the output (this year, it’s a fake imitation leather colors of Vinci) or the supposed nuclear activities in Canada with Xavier Huillard seems to ignore all the word is given a young woman in her thirties pampers and clean up. Against all odds, she also wants to make sure its part of the show and starts: “Mr. Huillard, do not you fear that Notre-Dame-des-Landes is bad for the image of the group?”

Tone up another notch when a second activist wins the microphone and launches this invective: “600 euros for 40 hours, Mr. Huillard is an outrage!” While a chorus of protest, dispatched in the room begins to chant: “! 600 euros, it’s a scandal,” the young man brandished a document photocopy of an employment contract of a Portuguese worker hired by a subcontractor Vinci.

“Can you say us, eye to eye”

As he begins to distribute copies in the ranks, the security service, warned of slippage occurs. The boy resisted, and he is caught by the pants and forcibly evacuated by an emergency exit. But that’s not counting the dozen of his comrades still in office who maintain the pressure.

A third robber, a certain François Ruffin, editor of an “alternative” newspaper, Fakir, the word order promising “he is angry with everyone, or almost” – takes to turn the microphone despite the soft resistance of the hostess, and puts Xavier Huillard challenge: “Can you say, staring into his eyes, as always and everywhere Vinci respects the rules of labor law, Mr. Huillard?”

Resistance is growing, but Xavier Huillard aware of this show which hatched on social networks, keep an Olympian calm. He even holds back a smile hardly seems amused by this scene. Until a “real” small shareholder reminds him that his role is to maintain order for the AG is normal.

CEO no longer laugh, shortens the question and answer session – anyway, nobody can hear more, or even answers, and trying to cover the shouts-slingers who are now talking about the death of two Polish workers on the site of Nice stadium! submitted to a shareholder vote resolutions under agenda. Wow, they are all widely acclaimed. Xavier Huillard can escape the cries of activists chanted “Sharing! Share!” to find his scarf … this year, his voice took a hit.

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