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Involving Your Homeschooled Child in Sports

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Something that many parents worry about when they choose to homeschool their children is whether or not they’ll be able to participate in sports. There are ways around this if your child is inclined to play sports of some sort so that being able to take part will be possible. A lot of it depends on what sort of sport your child is interested in.

For example, if your child is interested in more of a solo sport such as tennis or golf, it’s rather simple to find a way for him or her to enjoy that sport. It’s entirely possible to find lesson instructors for both of these sports. These private lessons can be weekly, daily or every other day through the week. If you’re a member of a country club or something along those lines, there will be more opportunities for your kids to get in some competition.

If you don’t happen to be club members, try contacting the local YMCA or YWCA and find out what sort of programs they have available that your kids can get involved in. Many of them offer soccer, softball, swimming and other types of team sports that you can enroll your children in. For a nominal fee, they can play at their favorite sports for several weeks.

Other options are martial arts, dancing, and gymnastics. As each child has his or her own preference and interests, you may have to try out a few

different things before hitting on the one that really lights up their world. Many times, there can be more than one choice when it comes to sport like activities.

In addition, there’s always the chance that your children will decide that a particular sport is something that they really love. When that happens, you’ll have to do a bit more research to see if you can get them on a team that will be noticed. If it’s something like football or basketball, you’ll probably have more issues with finding a team that will allow them to join it.

In fact, you may have to give up homeschooling entirely when they hit high school just so they can become a part of the sport they so love. But by then they should be able to handle a public school if you’ve done your job right.

If your children love a more solitary sport such as golf or tennis, homeschooling them can offer them more free time to practice and perfect their skills. There are colleges and universities that have golf teams. Your children may even be eligible for sports scholarships at some schools.

Gymnastics is something else that can become a very important part of life for participants. There’s even an Olympic team for gymnasts, both female and male. Dancing can be difficult but it can also be the beginning of a dream for many and lead to a career that many work very hard to achieve.

No matter what sport your children may be interested in, you can help them to be a part of it and realize whatever dream they may have.

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