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A mega project next to Useless Airport Chateauroux

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The elected members of the Indre would make a huge industrial area near the airport of Chateauroux empty, yet consumes 500 acres of the best farmland in the department

A mega project next to Useless Airport Chateauroux

A mega project next to Useless Airport Chateauroux

The Indre is a department on farming where the unemployment rate is high, the majority of jobs offered low-skilled and the aging population.

The city of Châteauroux suffered a lot of plants in recent years, and the loss of 1,500 jobs after the closure of the 517th regiment of the train in 2012 closures. In this difficult context, the race to employment is the golden rule in local elected officials.

Unfortunately, the competition for jobs is done without imagination, without long-term view, and no real ambition for the department.

Mr. Mayet, President U.M.P. Community of Agglomeration Castelroussine (CAC) and Senator Mayor of Chateauroux, decided to establish a new industrial area east of the city, in order to install French and Chinese companies on an area of 800 ha.

He claims to save and use in and out of its economic doldrums Indre offering Chinese investors large areas near the airport Chateauroux. He promises 5,000 jobs due to four years.

500 ha of the proposed area are at the expense of agricultural land among the best in the Indre – the rest is taken from the area of the former military Martinerie (200ha) and the Ozans industrial area (86ha).

Elected to the right and left, have approved this project. The left abstaining on some opaque agreements made with Chinese companies.

This is because companies operating on the principle of nesting doll: the Chinese company Beijing Weiye Zhoulian Investments, the financial arm of SFECZ Sino-French Economic Cooperation Zones, itself linked to the Beijing Capital Land Ltd..

The development of the airport project is part of Châteauroux to encourage imports of Chinese products through this ZAC The context of higher fuel costs, the need displayed by national policies reindustrialise France in French produce, and global warming fight did not react concerned.

If the urgency of finding solutions to address unemployment is not questionable, Indre deserves better than these solutions at a discount, which are the height of any of the issues we face, whether social risks (relocation) or environmental.

A disproportionate area

The draft Martinerie the ZAC-Ozans will amputate a third of the area of the village Étrechet. This is the first time you turn away from their agricultural use as much land to impermeable surfaces in Indre.

This new area of 800 ha in total is of enormous magnitude, and will add to the existing 900 ha of the 15 areas of activity, bringing to 1,600 ha of areas waterproofed surface.

The CESR report of the central region has a comparative table of the annual growth of SCOT between 2000 and 2006, the prize goes after Tours, Chateauroux with 0.3% average annual growth rate of urban spaces.

 Farmers were expropriated, fertile land will be concrete or asphalt, despite the mobilization of the association Ariane farmers and residents of the Larzac.

 Important abandoned brownfield (Berry Tuft or more recently Mead packaging) are not the subject of any relocation project by the CAC While the manufacturers that have received substantial public subsidies to install, relocate their business happily abandoning the wasteland in an advanced state of pollution.

 The unique water resources, supplying the entire city, is threatened by the introduction of this new industrial zone upstream catchments.

 The creation of an Air China flight route for transporting raw materials and Chinese products in Chateauroux is an aberration, at a time when the climate crisis requires the reduction of polluting transport.

 Access will be by the RD 67, with the creation of three input via roundabouts points. A crossover will allow the service to the business park and the eastern bypass of Châteauroux town. Increased traffic will congest the RD 67 and cause a sharp increase in the greenhouse effect.

Footpaths and cycle paths provided within the scope of the BIA are not enough to detract from the impact of pollution generated huge traffic.


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